Augmented Reality, 360 and Brand Storytelling

Recently, I wrote a blog post discussing the newest technology and Social Media 2017 trends to watch. A large portion of the blog post was dedicated to Mark Zuckerberg’s long-term view of  Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), and the plans he has for all of us.

In one of the videos featured in that blog post, Mark Zuckerberg demonstrates how you can play cards, visit far away places with friends, take phone calls and even meet with your physician in virtual reality.

Since then, some of us have been wondering how will we practically use this technology for augmenting storytelling for a brand. Continue reading “Augmented Reality, 360 and Brand Storytelling”

Future Social Media Trends

In the last post, we examined the history od social media. In this post, we will explore what we can expect in the future based on current trends.

What’s Next?

Now that we have taken a short look at social media and technology’s impact over the past two decades, let’s look at future social media trends 2017 and beyond. Check out this short video summary of predicted future social media trends by Kantar Media


Social Media Revolution 2017

However, it seems that Mark Zuckerberg also has some interesting plans for the future.

Let’s see what the leader of Facebook and practically, the entire free world has to say about the future of social media and tech!

Check out this interview with Mark Zuckerberg at the recent Techonomy Conference. Continue reading “Future Social Media Trends”

A Social Media Retrospective

A Social Media Retrospective
Image Credit: Pixabay


Social media influences how we communicate with employers, family, consumers, how we fundraise, elect public officials, procure our news, entertain, promote ourselves for employment, and how we conduct business. The medium now brings immediacy and transparency to social issues that were previously unknown.

Former obstacles such as borders, geography, portability, lack of access to connectivity or costly collaborative tools are rapidly dissolving. This shift has redefined all the rules disrupting the traditional framework for business. The ability to collaborate with your neighbor or your family members are the very same tools you use to work with your colleagues and now, Continue reading “A Social Media Retrospective”