Future Social Media Trends

In the last post, we examined the history od social media. In this post, we will explore what we can expect in the future based on current trends.

What’s Next?

Now that we have taken a short look at social media and technology’s impact over the past two decades, let’s look at future social media trends 2017 and beyond. Check out this short video summary of predicted future social media trends by Kantar Media


Social Media Revolution 2017

However, it seems that Mark Zuckerberg also has some interesting plans for the future.

Let’s see what the leader of Facebook and practically, the entire free world has to say about the future of social media and tech!

Check out this interview with Mark Zuckerberg at the recent Techonomy Conference.


The Future According to Mark

Mark Zuckerberg is more than leading thought leader for tech and social media.

He is practically a demi-god.

With the recent election, there has been a lot of speculation about social media’s impact on the election, and what that means to the future of tech and social media.

Mark gives us a peek at our future, at what to expect from his perspective post- election!


Video Credit: Techonomy Conference, Mark Zuckerberg, and Facebook.

It looks like we have a lot of exciting new trends in social media to look forward to including a continued expanding role of video on social networks, virtual reality, live streaming, and GIF’s! Based on the tremendous success of social media,  we can conclude that we will continue to see growth in many areas of technology innovation. It is great how committed Mark Zuckerberg is to bringing connectivity and opportunities to the world.

It is great how committed Mark Zuckerberg is to bringing connectivity and opportunities to the world.

Based on the tremendous success of social media,  we can conclude that we will continue to see growth in many areas of technology innovation.

More of Zuckerberg’s Predictions

Does Zuckerberg have more predictions?

Here is a 25-minute video featuring a recent interview “How to Build the Future” conducted by themacro.com with Mark Zuckerberg who gives us his take on the start- up, history, ongoing development, and predicted future of Facebook, social media and the technology industry as a whole.

Video Credit: themacro.com

According to Mark Zuckerberg, who predicts over the next ten years that we will double down and invest in connectivity, artificial intelligence (AI), new technology platforms that incorporate virtual (VR) and augmented reality (AR).

To back that up, here is a recent video post from Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook page demonstrating what we can expect in the near future from virtual reality direct from the Oculus Connect 3 conference.

If you haven’t seen this, you have seriously missed out on the newest tech trends. This demonstration of virtual reality has almost 8 million views. It had roughly a million views the first day it was published. The tech community and the world are engaged with the future of virtual reality.


Video credit: Mark Zuckerberg, oculusconnect.com  Facebook.


So now we have a tangible demonstration of how we might play cards, visit far away places, share pictures or a video, field a phone call and even meet with a physician in virtual reality. If needed, all at the same time! So get your avatars ready because we are in a for a lot of fun, and we have tools to do amazing things in virtual reality (VR). The future is certainly bright with possibility. If you are interested, here is all the information on Zuckerberg’s presentation on VR at Oculus Connect compliments of theverge.com

Even More on the Future with Zuckerberg.

Video Credit: Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook.


Mark Zuckerberg has been very busy being the pied piper of future trends to expect both short term and long term. He is spreading the message to create better systems in all industries and share the prosperity. Mark Zuckerberg makes a call to action by stating:

“Today, with acceleration in science and technology, our generation has the potential to do more great things than at any other time in history.”

I agree, with the growing accessibility to collaborative tools, we have untold potential to tap into. But will we? Will you? If so, how?

Video and Virtual Reality

I am super psyched to see how virtual reality (VR) and video will evolve as it becomes more and more accessible. Just imagine how virtual reality will be utilized in education, research, healthcare, to highlight your product, or to raise awareness about your social issue.

My prediction? Next step, we will see an increase in interactive pod- casts, live casts and video to highlight subject matter expertise, services, community contributions, business culture or celebrate your brand’s community of unique followers. Social media tools will play a larger role in connecting with your tribe as part of your social media strategy. If a picture tells a story, then a pod- cast or live cast is the living book.

Artificial Intelligence

If you want more information on artificial intelligence (AI), this excerpt “Artificial Intelligence” with Charlie Rose from 60 minutes is simply not to be missed. Remember, VR and AI are not to be confused AR- which is Augmented Reality!


In addition, here’s an article by Cory Lebson detailing the future of “AI bots and User Research” at uxmag.com  who states:

While future AI bots may be far more sophisticated and intelligent than the likes of current products like Siri, Cortana, Amazon Alexa or the recently announced Google Assistant, products like these do reflect the existing state of the market. Near-term new bot-centered products will likely either exist within current screen-based technologies, be it computers, mobile devices, or wearables, or will represent alternative types of self-contained products, such as those created by Amazon and soon Google.

Technology is so mind blowing. It’s time to get your camera rolling,  get your avatars and your bots together because the future has arrived!

Social Media in the Workplace

It is clear that social media is not going anywhere. According to Ryan Holmes  in the February 16, 2017 online edition of Entrepreneur.com

At root, however, any investment of time or money in upgrading social media skills in the workplace is likely to be well spent. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other networks aren’t going away. Indeed, social media budgets at companies are expected to double in the next five years. Social business has become business as usual.


Thanks to the macro.com, Mark Zuckerberg, oculusconnect.com, theverge.com, 60 minutes, Charlie RoseCory Lebson, uxmag.com, Techonomy  Ryan Holmes, Kantar MediaEntrepreneur.com and Facebook for their insights on the future of social media and technology.


Next Time 

There are not necessarily hard and fast rules in social media but, there are some values and foundations to keep in mind. I don’t like to restrict the medium as if you could restrain a wild elephant in the jungle, but there are certain elements that are considered a foundation based on trust and respect. Next time, we will discuss the non-negotiables of social media.


Your Take?

Leave us a comment, and share your opinion about new trends in social media or technology!

What’s hot and what’s not? What do you want to see in future social media or technology trends?

How does your social media future look to you? Will you be an early adopter of virtual reality?

What are your thoughts on the future trends of social media and how that will impact your business or professional life?

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay

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