Augmented Reality, 360 and Brand Storytelling

Recently, I wrote a blog post discussing the newest technology and Social Media 2017 trends to watch. A large portion of the blog post was dedicated to Mark Zuckerberg’s long-term view of  Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), and the plans he has for all of us.

In one of the videos featured in that blog post, Mark Zuckerberg demonstrates how you can play cards, visit far away places with friends, take phone calls and even meet with your physician in virtual reality.

Since then, some of us have been wondering how will we practically use this technology for augmenting storytelling for a brand. The good news is that the vision for practical uses for these virtual tools is beginning to clarify and gel. It includes more than just a floating link to your product or business.

Virtual Update

On April 18th, Mark Zuckerberg gave us another video update on the amazing tools that we can expect from VR/AR over the next ten years. Check out the video below.

Video Credit: Mark Zuckerberg

Mark gives a demonstration of things you will be able to do that will include 3d augmented effects and 3d object recognition (Simultaneous Local and Mapping /SLAM) in the virtual environment. For example, you will be to add items or objects, pan around or change the perspective of the viewer, play virtual games, create street art and you can even leave a love note on the front of the refrigerator for a loved one only they can see.

Mark Zuckerberg states this kind of technology will completely change how we use our phones and all other technology. He states that these tools are being developed over time via a 10-year road map. He declares that he will also be developing solar apps and flying Aquila- a solar-powered plane that will soon deliver internet connectivity to everyone across the globe.

In addition, Mark Zuckerberg eludes to developing almost paranormal advances by introducing technology beyond Facebook 8 capabilities that allow your brain to interface with applications “with only your mind.”

He states that is a long way down the ten-year road plan.

Still, that really almost sounds a little scary, right? If that is still a little too much to imagine, check out the more pragmatic approach to this new technology below.

Augmented Reality Today

If you would like to see a more practical application of how this technology is being applied, Zen Marketing and Shama Hyder offer a realistic demonstration of how to take your brand storytelling to the next level through the use of a 360 camera and augmented reality. In the article, “The Immense Power That Virtual Reality Can Have for Your Brand” a very good case is made for adopting a 360 view of an augmented reality sooner than later.

Video Credit: TOMS Store

In this video, TOMS Store discusses one of their community campaigns to help children by telling their story with 360 cameras.

Check out this YouTube video and be sure to click on the quad pedal in the top left-hand corner to change your view of the video by 360 degrees. Not only does TOMS highlight their contributions to the community, but they demonstrate how they are forward thinking by incorporating a cutting-edge technology into their brand storytelling.

Zen Marketing points out that this kind of augmented reality is more costly for brands to incorporate into their budgets, but they also warn of consequences for not becoming early adopters of this new technology and remain competitive.

Here is another great example provided by Zen Marketing as Volvo gets in the virtual game by introducing their first virtual test drive teaser.

Video Credit: Zen Marketing

Pretty amazing, huh? It looks like companies are already picking up the virtual reality ball and making it their own!

Thanks to Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook, TOMS and Volvo for the informative videos about AR/ VR and 360.

What are your thoughts on virtual or augmented reality?

How will you use this new technology to help your business?

Do you think the cost for new technology is too prohibitive?

Do you believe early adopters to new technology benefit more?

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