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Image credit: Duane Pool


I am a technical writer w/ specialization in social media,  a cultural creative, a fact hacker, a progressive, a “social media 4 social good”advocate and a truly hopeless dog lover.

I am dedicated to implementing social good through social media. I am committed to empowering small businesses, cooperatives, nonprofits, and political campaigns. I believe everyone should have equal access to collaborative tools to create a competitive digital footprint with equanimity. I am an advocate for a free, open, inclusive internet and for impartial access to information. 

I am dedicated to facilitating collective solutions through social media collaborative tools and platforms. Values like growing a sustainable economy, promoting transparency, and liquid democracy appeal to me as core issues that define our future.

Last but not least, I am dedicated to helping individuals and organizations facilitate dialogue with their audience, raise awareness or amplify their brand message by developing long-term relationships built on brand trust, customer loyalty and word of mouth referrals.

If I had to give you a “one- liner” to describe what I do, I would tell you “my job is to help you to find your vibe to connect with your tribe” and tell your story or amplify your message.

My previous career experience in healthcare (Associate Degree in Applied Science), Health and Human Services, cellular service and customer service provide a valuable foundational skill set that is naturally streamlined to meet the demands of social media.

For more information, check out my LinkedIn profile for more details or check out my portfolio.

What is a Cultural Creative Anyway?

If you wondering what a cultural creative is, or why it is important to know your audience, here is more information on the cultural creative movement, and be sure to check out the “The R/evolution: The Cultural Creatives” video by Frigyes Fogel on Vimeo.

Video Credit: The R/evolution: The Cultural Creatives/  Frgyes Fogel


For more information, check this YouTube video “Is Your Business Cultural Creative Friendly” by Vishen Lakhian that discusses the creative culture as a growing customer demographic.

Video Credit: Is Your Business Cultural Creative Friendly?/ Vishen Lakhian

Since discovering who your audience is so crucial, we will take a closer look at demographics in a future blog post.

Collaboration is King

I look forward to talking with you about how to raise your brand’s visibility by successfully amplifying your message to your target audience. Check out my portfolio, follow my blog “Skillful Means” or please drop me a line in the comment section. I look forward to collaborating with you on your next project or campaign.


Thanks to Huffington Post,,,,, entreuperneur.comFrigyes Fogel , Vishen Lakhian, Seth Godin, TED Talks and the Business and Technical Communications program at Austin Community College for their content and contributions that allow me to share my social media journey.

Thank you, I really appreciate that you dropped by!

Please leave me a line in the comment section!



Your Take?

What do you love about social media?

Are you a cultural creative?

What is your social media strategy?

Does your business appeal to the values of cultural creatives or to a different demographic?

What demographic does your brand’s audience fall into?

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