Bee Rescue Student Project (Part 2)

Central Texas Bee Rescue (CTBR) is an organization in Austin, Texas dedicated to saving honeybees. (Currently, they are doing business under the name of American Honey Bee Protection Agency, AHBPA). Austin Social Media students partnered with Central Texas Bee Rescue during the 2013 summer session (May -August 2013) to amplify the organization’s social media strategy.

Our collaborative effort provided the agency with an updated WordPress website, a blog, a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and a new Pinterest page during the summer session 2013. The students also assisted with augmenting the social media strategy for a “First Annual Honey Harvest” event, a collaboration between the  Central Texas Bee Rescue, The W Hotel, Whole Foods, Block21 and many others for the “The First Annual Honey Harvest” held on June 13th, 2013.

Professor Brockmann facilitated the project for social media students.


A Twitter account was created for CTBR and students embarked on tweeting away!

Student tweets for @CTBTBeeRescue and the @WHotel for the “First Annual Honey Harvest.”Tweets that were “twittered” included hashtags like #SaveYourBees and #FeralHoney.
Central Texas Bee Rescue Twitter Page by students.


Product Launch for CTBR and The W Hotel

An event was held on June 13th,2013 courtesy of the W Hotel in Austin to launch a new honey product for CTBR. The W Hotel was also launching their very own bee apiary on top of their hotel to produce honey for their dining customers as a sustainable business practice. Central Texas Bee Rescue was a crucial resource as a co-collaborator assisting the W Hotel set up their rooftop apiary.

Students created an event page on Facebook for “The First Annual Honey Harvest”

Event page on Facebook for “The First Annual Honey Harvest”

W Hotel and Central Texas Bee Rescue Collaboration

The W Hotel social media team created a video for the “First Annual Honey Harvest” event. Check out the video co-created by their team celebrating the collaboration and event.

It really is worth watching.


Video Credit: High-Rise Honey: The Block 21 Rooftop Apiary from Rightfrog Productions on Vimeo.

Here is more about Block21

They did a wonderful job promoting the event.


 First Annual Honey Harvest

A lot of students turned out for the “The First Annual Honey Harvest” event.

Hashtags included #FeralHoney and #SaveYourBees








Professor Brockmann created a limited edition t-shirt for the event.







An event attendee wore a fun t- shirt to support “The First Annual Honey Harvest” event at the W Hotel to celebrate!








Professor Goldsmith’s beehive hairdo was “the fashion statement” at the “The First Annual Honey Harvest” event.









These two honey bees were voted best dressed at the “The First Annual Honey Harvest” event.








Professor Brockmann was the project spearhead and tribe leader!

Central Texas Bee Rescue at The W Hotel for the







Central Texas Bee Rescue at The W Hotel for the “First Annual Honey Harvest!”

Texas Press

The collaboration between CTBR and the W Hotel collaboration received a lot of attention from local media.

Texas Monthly

Check out Texas Monthly’s Article

A Texas Monthly article about Central Texas Bee Rescue and the W Hotel.

Media Coverage

The event was also covered by news giants on the evening news.

Here are some listings from different news sources that covered CTBR and The W Hotel collaboration over the summer of 2013.


Check out the Chronicle!

Here is a terrific quote from the article written by MM Pack for the Chronicle in the article “Honey, I am Home!”

“Beau Armstrong, CEO of Stratus Properties (developer of Block 21), the idea of rooftop bees was conceived and implemented by beekeepers of Central Texas Bee Rescue, the City of Austin, and the W’s “green team,” spearheaded by Forager/Food Buyer Valerie Broussard and Director of Beverage and Food Sean Bradshaw. “Like many good things, it was a collaborative effort,” Armstrong says. “Installing the apiary is another step in our continuing journey to be leaders in sustainable practices.”

The event and the project was a positive demonstration of what can be accomplished when businesses and students co- collaborate with a commitment to raise awareness about sustainable business practices,  ecology, and the benefits of partnering with social media, education and the community.

Thanks to Central Texas Bee Rescue, The W Hotel, Block21The Chronicle, Texas Monthly, Whole Foods, RightFrog Productions, Professor Brockmann, Professor Goldsmith, my fellow student contributors, all fellow bee lovers, the local Austin community, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest for an enriched social media learning experience.