Social Media Services

Consultant Services

As a technical writer with a specialization in social media, I am a thought leader in the industry as evidenced by the ability to:

  • develop innovative and integrative solutions (campaigns)
  • effectively manage brand messaging
  • respond efficiently to new technology, emerging media, and market trends
  • provide skilled business practices, leadership and supporting successful teamwork
  • empower underserved markets by providing affordable services


My skill base as a graduate from Austin Community College with a degree as a Technical Writer with a specialization in Social Media communications includes expertise in the following technical skills:

  • Technical Writing
  • Social Media Analytics (Hootsuite Certified)
  • XML (Oxygen)
  • Drupal
  • WordPress
  • Graphics (Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Prezi)
  • Statistics
  • Content Creation
  • Social Media Law
  • Copyedit
  • Multimedia (Camtasia 9)


These skills are fundamental for safely and successfully navigating the social media landscape in order to:

• demonstrate strong technical documentation skills
• develop cohesive social media strategy across multiple platforms
• design or co-develop a branding logo
• provide consistent branding across multiple platforms
• research a targeted audience
• research and develop strong content
• deliver content utilizing different formats including text, graphics, and video
• identify, follow, and connect with industry leaders and influencers
• amplify an organization’s mission and brand message
• increase an organization’s public support
• increase donations or revenue
• develop a personal rapport with followers
• deliver strong customer service
• listen and moderate comments appropriately
• identify relevant trends
• interpret statistical analysis of social media content
• restructure social media strategy based on analytics

For more details about how a social media consultant can help you with your social media campaign, click on the on the following description of web design, communications, and content analysis or feel free to contact me.