Social Media: Skillful Means

Welcome to my blog dedicated to the practical application of social media strategy. I am looking forward to sharing valuable tips, videos, and articles with you. I am also excited to chat about best practices for social media application. I want to celebrate the creative spark, the rebellious disruptive nature, the genius innovation and the potential for change that characterizes the medium that we all love so much.

I live for that potential, don’t you? If you have read this far, then you probably share my passion!

I am want to share some posts about social media trends that are fun, engaging and hopefully, useful or practical. I want to make social media accessible to everyone. Let’s talk about search engine optimization (SEO), format, content creation, web design, analytics, or content strategy.

Evidently No Material Shortage

The sky is the limit! Let’s analyze all that brilliant social media strategy or sometimes, not so brilliant strategy  (success vs. fail). We can also discuss copyright, debate what constitutes internet freedom or review the newest applications and platforms. We could feature the traditional guru’s “tricks of the trade” or the newbie’s “go gonzo and break all the rules” approach to the medium.

A Mutual Dialogue

There is no shortage of topics, and there is a tremendous amount of ground to cover. I hope you will let me know what topics are important to you, so I can incorporate them into a post. This is a mutual dialogue. Guest bloggers are welcome. Collaboration is high on the list of priorities! Feel free to email me via the contact page anytime.

No Hard and Fast Rules

There are no hard and fast rules on this blog, just like there are no hard and fast rules in social media. Maybe, that’s why I love the medium so much. One thing is clear, everything is subject to change.  The element of change is the single most dependable quality about the medium. You can count on that!

Positive Potential

Social media’s fluid and fast paced nature is a real challenge, but it’s potential to positively impact our world is simply irresistible. There is no real mastery of every single new platform or application that is introduced because everything is changing at near lightning pace. The ability to try to keep abreast of the newest trends or applications, to take advantage of all of that potential, is to share information freely and reap the rewards of a community’s contributions.

What’s your Perspective?

So, put on your seatbelt because things are definitely going to change. Some topics on this blog will be neutral and some will be hot tamales. It depends on your position and perspective.  What is your perspective? What are your predictions? That’s the beauty of social media, your voice does matter.

Skillful Means?

What does the subject of social media have to do with skillful means? Each post on this site designed to cultivate skillful means to empower everyone to effectively and successfully use social media strategy.

Social media has grown and changed so rapidly over the past decade that anyone can feel overwhelmed instituting a social media strategy. I hope to make social media methods more accessible to everyone and offer resources that inform and inspire.

Driving the Newest Trends

My experience is that your opinions are invaluable. You are the subject matter experts driving the newest trends, and it’s you who are always light years ahead of everyone else on the proverbial social media curve! So, I am hoping that the audience will direct the topics  with questions, comments and conversation on this blog.

Remember, the power of feedback is like currency. So, use it! Be a rebel, and go gonzo! Post something completely different that you care about, or challenge me with a question in the comment section and just let ‘er rip!

Thank you for your contributions to this community!

Viva la Social Media!



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